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Class Vacation

Posted 25 Sep 2013 — by katikat
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TWO Final Photographs:

ONE composed of 3 originals (you, classmate, background)

  • This one should be as realistic and convincing as possible!
  • Pay attention to lighting, color, scale, etc!
  • Pay attention to vantage point!
  • GET IT PRINTED.  4 x 6″.  Nicole’s a pro- she can help you if you get stuck.  She is in our class.

ONE composed of all the people.

  • upload 3 pictures of yourself to flickr (username: marywashington 209, password: Melchers209)
  • one should be close up.  one should be from far away.  one should be from a medium distance (say, 7ft)
  • grab other people’s pictures from the shared flickr account.
  • go crazy.  make sure everyone’s in the picture.
  • GET IT PRINTED.  Size is up to you (no smaller than 4 x 6″)