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Photographic Narrative

Posted 28 Oct 2013 — by katikat
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A photograph is worth 1000 words, right?   Your goal: tell a story in 5 photographic images.  The story should originate from one of the movie posters created in our class.

**** all photographs must be original.  You may use your phone’s camera.

  1. Think about clearly illustrate a beginning, a middle, and an end.
  2. Make a contact sheet (or multiple contacts sheets!) of your unedited photographs.
  3. PRINT the contact sheets BEFORE class
  4. Pick your 5 photographs
  5. Resize them to something between 3 x 5″ and 8 x 10″ at 300 ppi
  6. We’ll print your final photographs on fancy pants paper IN class on Monday.

You may do some Photoshop editing, but you don’t have to.  This includes:

  • color correction
  • cropping
  • filters
  • drawing on top of your image
  • adding some things

The example below does NOT correspond with the assigned number of photographs, but is a great illustration of a story told through multiple images.  Consider looking at more of Duane Michals’ work.

Duane Michals, Chance Meeting

Movie Poster

Posted 15 Oct 2013 — by katikat
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1. Make up a movie.

2. Design a poster for that movie.  Design needs to be 11 x 17″.  Think about the overall theme, mood and feel that you are summarizing and advertising with your design.  How can you visually summerize an entire movie without overcrowding your design? How can you combine both text and image (photographic, drawn, scanned, anything!) effectively?  What kind of information will you include in your text?

***no appropriated imagery allowed***


For an added challenge and some fun for later…. make it a two-color design (excludes white).  Example: