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Final Project

Posted 15 Nov 2013 — by katikat
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Find inspiration in another of your classes!

DO NOT submit the same project for two classes.

Spend 30+ hours and document your progress each hour.  Only 8 of those hours can be spent thinking.  Document any hours you spend thinking.


Q: Can I use another art class for inspiration or does it have to be something else?
A: Of course you can use another art class!

Q: How do I document my time spent?
A: Through screen shots and/or photographs of your work in progress.  Evident visual progress is key here.

Q: I’ve spent 10 hours on this idea and now I hate it.  Can I change my idea?
A: I do not recommend this.  Push through and find creative ways to resolve whatever issues you’re having.  It will make you a better artist.

Q: Can I make an animation?
A: Yes.

Q: Follow up question: Can I make an animation that’s longer than Photoshop will allow?
A: Yes.  You could make several animated gifs and then export them as Quicktime movies.  Take these clips and put them together in iMovie.  Hell, you could just use iMovie; you can import still images into the program.  You might also try this nifty program called Pencil.  It’s a free download.  Finally, if you have Flash, you could use that.  It’s a complicated program, though, and you may not want to tackle learning it in the last week of classes.

Q: I’m stuck.
A: Make a list of 50 things you could do.  Cross of the first 20 and get started on idea #21.

OMG It’s animated!!!

Posted 06 Nov 2013 — by katikat
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