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Posted 21 May 2014 — by katikat
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You can use the scanner as a camera!!!  Crazy?  Maybe…  Please don’t put anything on the scanner that may harm it (scratchy things, wet things, sharp things, charcoal, sticky things, etc, etc.).

Follow the steps below:

  1. As a group, make many awesome scans.  Experiment.  Learn things.
  2. On you own, make several scans composed directly on the scanner.  Choose your best one.
  3. Using any of your selection options (marquee tools, lasso tools or quickmask mode), select your objects.
  4. Arrange your objects into a composition on a new canvas, 8×10″, 300ppi.
  5. Save BOTH compositions as .psd files AND .jpg.  Post the jpg to your blog.

***don’t forget about the Principle of Design: think about line, shape, variety, repetition, color, texture, form, etc.!

The nitty gritty end results:

ONE composition directly from the scanner

ONE composition made from copying and pasting.


You may scan more than 5 items.

You do not have to use all 5 in your final, carefully composed image.

You may alter the original objects in the 2nd composition- use the transform controls, adjustment layers, etc.!


An Example of a Representational Composition:

An Example of a Nonrepresentational Composition: