Research and blog about ALL of the artists. You are each responsible for presenting your blog entry on one the artists. When writing about the artists, write one paragraph giving a general description of the artist’s work and one paragraph reacting to it. Make sure you qualify your statements! Finally, add an image that is representative of each artist’s work. You may want to jot down some notes in your sketchbook on the artists so that you can quickly reference them during class discussions.

When you give your informal presentation, you will verbally summarize what you’ve written on your blog and open the floor for a bit of fruitful discussion.

(date listed is the date your post should be COMPLETED on each artist)

DUE 5/28:
Matt Siber- Samar
Kelli Connell- Cristina

Due 6/4:
Jon Gitelson- Lauren

Due 6/11:
Jordan Tate- Leah
Cory Archangel- Ty

Due 6/17:
Jason Salavon- Sahar
Paul Pfeiffer- Ashley

Other Artists you might find interesting………
Alec Soth
Jenny Holzer
Robin Rhode
Bill Viola
Pipolotti Rist
Nam June Paik
John Blatter
Stephen Vitiello

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