Class Vacation

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Get ready for our trip!  Scavange LARGE images of our destination.  Next take a photograph of you with one of your classmates.  Combine this image with the background image in a realistic way.

In the end you will have one vacation picture:

One combining two photos (you and classmate(s) + background)

Finally, save the end result as .jpg files and take it to your favorite photo printing place (CVS, Walgreens, Target, Richmond Camera…).  Have 2 copies of of your image printed as a 4 x 6″ print.  DO NOT PRINT THESE ON AN INKJET OR OTHER “HOME” PRINTER. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN “F” FOR THE PROJECT IF YOU DO THIS

Remember things like:

  • Lighting
  • Vantage point
  • Image fuzziness
  • Color
  • Interaction with background
  • All your sweet camera settings!

Don’t forget…

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Theaster Gates field trip on Tuesday!  It looks like it’s going to be an exciting trip.  Meet us there if you can’t leave at 2pm.

Remember, too, that I will put your grades from the last two projects in sealed envelopes in our agreed upon location.

Thursday, we’ll look at your appropriated works.  Start with something by JB and make it yours.  You may appropriate other artists as well.  Be prepared to defend why this piece is now your work.

Jon’s New bffs

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Off Book

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Short webseries from PBS about various art things.

Why I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar

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An Interview with Stephen Vitiello

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Shadow Walk

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Thinking About Time

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So the next assignment’s about time… using the rudimentary time-based medium of the animated .gif.  Keep it between 2 and about 20 frames.

But how do you make a piece about time??  Here are some thoughts on how to get started…

  • Think about the rhythm of your average day
  • Spend an hour sitting outside watching people.  Are they scurrying?  Are they strolling?  Is there a burst of activity at certain times?
  • What about your favorite TV show?  Are you watching it on TV with commercials?  Are you watching it online?  What’s the timing and or pacing of the show?
  • How does your fish experience time?
  • “Einstein’s Dreams”.  Read it.

Think about it.  Make some notes.  Then translate into a visual form.  Doesn’t have to be literal.  Doesn’t have to be figurative.  Go wild!


Shadow Walk

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UMW DigiArts class presents the first UMW Shadow Walk on campus. There will be a projection in the tunnel of the library, and we’ll be recording the shadows of every person that walks by. We invite YOU to come be a part of this awesome installation!! Stop by on your way to studying 😛 [Feel free to bring a friend and dance, skip, or cartwheel, etc. by us!]

This is a project inspired by artists Jenny Holzer and Roger Sayre. Look them up!


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Digi students:

I’ve had an emergency and won’t be there today.  But that doesn’t mean YOU can’t be productive.  🙂 Please do the following during class today:

1. Go, as a group, to the Senior Exhibition.  Discuss.

2. Ask at least 3 people in the class to check out your photo narrative.  Ask them what changes you could make to the photographs to make them simply amazing.  Shoot for the stars.  Make these series so good you would be shocked if they didn’t get into a juried exhibition.  Don’t know what a juried exhibition is?  Claire, Joann, and Jessica will explain.  Use the weekend to make recommended improvements.  Repost for Tuesday.  Leave your first version on your blog.

3. Prepare for our next artist.  I sent an email to Joann with specific instructions.  Joann, check your email and share.